Meet Sally

Sally Sparby


Personal Growth & Healing Coach

I’ve had many impactful experiences in my life, most of which left me feeling like a victim.  But…once I started recognizing how these experiences were, in fact, guiding me toward healing and wholeness, I realized that there is so much more to life than meets the eye.   By practicing the art of surrender and utilizing the guidance that has been present in my life all along, I was able to shift my perspective and move toward healing and wholeness.  
When I work with clients I use this shift in perspective to cut through the confusion and immediately highlight the core issues that are contributing to imbalance.  My spiritually-oriented perspective allows me to see how life is actually serving you, especially in the most difficult moments.  This allows you to more easily break through blocks and move toward healing and wholeness. In addition, I often use various healing modalities, including reiki energy healing, EFT Tapping, and more.