Coaching is not passive and it is not continually talking about your problems. Coaching is action-oriented.
Coaching is for people who are already kicking ass on their own but have a few blocks or stumbling points that are keeping you from being your best self.  That’s where I come in.  I have the gift of clarity in that I see the blocks that you can’t see.  We then work to dissolve the blocks that are keeping you from being your best self.    As a coach I guide, educate, and support.
Coaching is NOT therapy.  There is no diagnosis or treatment of diseases.  Rather, it is about empowering you with the tools to make change sin your life.  I assist in enhancing your overall well-being in many areas of your life in order to change your lifestyle patterns that are keeping you stuck.  We may look your past experiences in order to see how they are affecting your present.


Reiki is an energy healing technique that uses an attuned practitioner to assist in balancing the body’s life force energy.  When one’s life force energy is low or unbalanced we are more likely to be affected by stress or illness.  When it is in balance, however, we are more likely to experience peace, clarity, and overall well-being.  Reiki can be performed both in person or at a distance.